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4 Times You Should Consider Changing Your Driveway

House Asphalt Driveway
Your home's driveway affects how your property looks and how well it works. It's also one part of home maintenance that many homeowners overlook. Replacing a driveway, though, can have a lot of benefits and provides an easy makeover.
So what are the signs that it's time to replace your old driveway? Here are a few to look for.

1. It's Reaching the Expiration Date

Driveways, like all parts of your home, aren't capable of lasting forever. Most concrete driveways have an estimated lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. Harsh winter weather, regular storms, and heavy vehicle use can all reduce that lifespan and age a driveway prematurely.
If your driveway is getting old enough to approach its natural expiration date, you'll see more problems like cracking, potholes, fading, and pitting. Temporary solutions also won't last as long as they did when the concrete was young. It's probably time to look at a more permanent solution rather than pouring more money into repairs.

2. You're Renovating the Home

Are you undertaking a big remodeling project at home? Even as you invest in any major updating of the home's public areas, yard, or outdoor living area, an old and unsightly driveway could take the shine off your hard work. Updating much of the house but leaving an ugly driveway entrance could reduce your return on investment just like only massively updating a single room in the home could. Why? It draws unwanted attention to what's old and outdated.
Make sure that the driveway matches your new vision for the home. Are you, for example, remodeling to add space to entertain more? Consider expanding the driveway so that you can fit more cars as well. Are the renovations to modernize an older home? Then perhaps you can match that modernization with an updated stamped concrete driveway featuring a geometric design. Going for a cozier look at home? Try softening the driveway by adding a curved or delicate design.  

3. The Neighborhood Has Rising Values

Just like an aging, cracked, or inadequate driveway can damage the value of renovations, it may also lower the value you get from living in a rising neighborhood. Appearing to be the "worst house on the block" will undoubtedly affect your own home values.
A old and worn driveway could also bring down the neighbors' home values as well, creating a rippling effect that benefits no one. Your HOA may also have rules about the appearance of front yard hardscape that requires you to make improvements.

4. Your Needs Have Changed

Many homeowners fail to realize how much impact their driveway has on the functionality of their home. And if they do notice its inefficiency, they often just put up with the problem. But just like your home should change with your family's changing needs, your driveway should as well.
Has your family grown, perhaps as teenagers started driving their own cars? Have older kids moved out, leaving you with a big driveway that's never utilized? Are you home more after retirement and now have time to enjoy more gardening? Would you like to buy a trailer, RV, or outdoor toys, but have nowhere to house them?
You're not stuck with the driveway that came with the house. You can alter, widen, shrink down, stamp or even move your driveway to fit your new needs.
No matter whether your aging driveway doesn't look like it used to or your home and needs have changed, making this one big alteration can dramatically improve the look of your entire property. At Carolina Concrete Designs Inc, we can help you turn that old concrete into a new addition that fits your life and your home. Call today to get started!
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